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Elevate Your Legal Practice with Mandamus Prime's AI-Powered Document Drafting

Effortlessly Craft Tailored Legal Documents in Minutes. Enhance Precision and Win Cases.

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Customize Every Detail: Tailored Documents Aligned with Your Case Facts

Empower Your Expertise: Craft Compelling Legal Documents Your Way with Mandamus Prime's Personalized Insights.

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Accelerate Productivity: Transform Hours of Drafting into Minutes of Precision

Drive Profitability: Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs, and Elevate Document Quality with Mandamus Prime. Experience Time and Resource Savings Like Never Before.

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Effortless Data Management: Seamlessly Organize and Utilize Case Facts for Polished Documents

Turn Chaos into Clarity: Structure Scattered Facts for Streamlined Document Creation. Navigate from Case Details to Polished Legal Documents in a Click.

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AI-Powered Document Generation: Transform Case Facts into Winning Legal Documents

Effortless Transformation: Translate Complex Case Details into Compelling Legal Documents with Mandamus Prime. Craft Winning Documents with Ease and Precision.

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Simplify Your Legal Document Drafting with Mandamus Prime

Unlock efficiency and focus on what really matters – your clients.


4 documents per month

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Dive into Mandamus Prime's capabilities without opening your wallet. Ideal for lawyers starting out or with light document drafting needs.

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12 documents for $97/month


For the forward-thinking lawyer ready to embrace efficiency. Transform hours into minutes and elevate your practice.


40 documents for $297/month


Designed for busy firms looking to significantly cut down on drafting time. Let technology handle the routine so you can focus on strategy and client relationships.


100 documents for $497/month


Maximize productivity for your team with our most comprehensive plan. Ideal for large firms and legal departments demanding the utmost in efficiency and speed.

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